What's up! I'm a DP and gaffer based in Brooklyn, NY. 
Gear I Own:
(1) Sony FX6 Camera Package - SmallHD Ultra 5, Core Batteries, Metabones PL Mount, Letus Shoulder Pad n more 
(1) Tilta Nucleus-M Kit: Hand Unit, (2) Motors, Right Grip, FX6 r/s
(1) Vortex 4 + DOPChoice Snapbag + Snapgrid 
(1) Astra 6X + DOP Choice Snapbag + Snapgrid + CRMX Module
(3) Astera Helios Tubes + (2) DOPChoice Snapgrids + (1) DOPChoice Snapbag + Snapgrid for 3 Tubes
Blackout Lighting Console + LumenRadio Aurora + (2) LumenRadio Moonlite Transceivers

My gear is part of a larger 2-ton package at Shade Leaf Lighting Company. We share a space and are great friends. 

A few things I've been up to: in 2022, I shot a short promo for Sony Music Entertainment featuring producer Steve Jordan as part of their 360 Reality Audio launch. In the fall, I gaffed Please Make Sense, a feature film that takes place almost entirely in a car on the road, shot mostly on an LED volume (see below). 
Back in 2021, I worked with director Antonio Méndez Esparza [2018 John Cassavetes Independent Spirit Award] on three documentaries highlighting Florida's Early Childhood Court System, as DP and editor. I love documentary just as much as I love narrative.  
In 2019, I won a Student Emmy for my short documentary Woman of Steel, which highlights Ashley Young's life as a self-proclaimed human cyborg with a bionic right arm.  
I love taking pictures of my friends when they're not looking. I fucking love my Ricoh GR. 
Outside of film life, I spend most of my down time on languages; I speak French at an intermediate level, and am working hard on my Spanish. 

contact: chris.andrew.violette at gmail.com